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 1 of → ∞ book scenes that I wish could have been fully included in the show.

As Diana Gabaldon herself wisely said: ” …wonderful as the show is—and it _is_ wonderful, not the slightest doubt of that—they only have 16 hours of screen time. They can and do capture the essence of the characters and the shape of the story, but there’s no conceivable way that the show can encompass everything in sixteen hours that I did in 305,000 words.So I thought we might have fun—especially those of you who haven’t yet read the book(s)—looking at a few of the Missing Pieces”

#So no criticism intended with this gif-series.#Yeah, I know the book is the book, the show is the show #Still, there are so many beautiful pieces of dialogue between Jamie and Claire that  obviously give a whole different complexity and depth to their relationship # and even if the show has been great so far, and pretty faithful to the original plot # so much was cut off especially in ep 7/8  # So my point simply is: let’s celebrate and talk about the differences between book & tvshow without feeling overprotective about both # and READ.THE.BOOKS. # seriously guys, you think the show is great? do yourself a favour. read. the books. you’ll not gonna regret it, i promise.



100 years before Rosa Parks. 

Not only did the 24 year-old teacher and church organist refuse to get off the horse-drawn streetcar, but she fought the driver, conductor and policeman, reminded them of her rights, sued them and the transit company and won! 

Full Story:

Is it me or is it that civil disobedience for rights, basic human rights is mostly done by women, black American women? It’s a pattern.

"Blacks comprise 22 percent of the poor, but blacks only take in 14 percent of government benefits. Conversely, whites make up 42 percent of the poor , but take in a disproportionate 69 percent of government benefits." (x) (x)


food stamps

In so far as divisive political issues go, welfare is the gift that just keeps on giving. Mainly, that’s because some on the right have done a masterful job of convincing ordinary white people that slothful African-Americans and Latinos are eating at a troth filled…





The extreme sexiness of Shemar Moore is not talked about nearly as much as it should be

Can your Olivia on Scandal have a decent, attractive boyfriend? Someone who is sexy and can act.  Try out a gorgeous black male like above.  Go for it.

Not going to happen cause he’s on a successful show Criminal Minds and won’t leave it for a show that is likely on the way down.

I’m just blogging the pretty.

same here. Hello, gorgeous!

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