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Hello, dear followers!

It is with great excitement that I finally reveal… WRITERS UNITE! A book by writers, and for writers. Made with the help of over 200 Tumblr Writers, compiled by yours truly, and with a cover by the fantastic Plaguesworth!

Best of all, though, this book is available for FREE!!!

What exactly is this eBook about? Well, here’s the gist of it:

WRITERS UNITE! is a book of writing advice, inspiration, and tips. Over 200 Tumblr authors answered the question:

"What is the one piece of advice you wish you would’ve known when you first got started writing?"

This FREE eBook is a compilation of their writing advice, and their stories. You can have access to this nexus — this fountain of knowledge — at no cost whatsoever. Take it, learn, and drink with us!

When writers unite, great things happen~ ♥︎



Yes, we thank them too….

Tony Top Shelf…Top Draw…Deserves Brooks Brothers all the way. sweet-baby that he is… Someone tell me why does this excite me…. Maybe its seeing Tony in his b’day suit or skivvies before he dons his body with BB or is it the image of him in his new BB styling all GQ and shit… ohhh I’m spending entirely too much time on this topic… Blame it on scandamonium who doth bring the Admiral pandamonium… Always…

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