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Tens of millions of black people die before during and after the slave trade.

Still is not considered genocide…

270,000+ black brasilians killed in a span of 8 years…

Still is not considered genocide…

A black person in the U.S. is killed every 28 hours

Still is not considered genocide…

Black trans women are killed in unbelievable number all over the Americas

Still is not considered genocide…

Black death is always discounted.. it’s always meaningless… 

Ferguson Police are some SERIOUSLY shady motherfuckers. Wow. Just Wow.


This is insane… (Keep in mind that by this point they had not only arrested the wrong guy, they KNEW they had arrested the wrong guy):

He was driven back to the jail, where he was held for several days before he posted $1,500 bond on four counts of “property damage.” Police Officer John Beaird had signed complaints swearing on pain of perjury that Davis had bled on his uniform and those of three fellow officers.

The remarkable turned inexplicable when Beaird was deposed in a civil case that Davis subsequently brought seeking redress and recompense. 

After Mr. Davis was detained, did you have any blood on you?” asked Davis’ lawyer, James Schottel.  

No, sir,” Beaird replied.

Schottel showed Beaird a copy of the “property damage” complaint.

“Is that your signature as complainant?” the lawyer asked.

“It is, sir,” the cop said.

“And what do you allege that Mr. Davis did unlawfully in this one?” the lawyer asked.

“Transferred blood to my uniform while Davis was resisting,” the cop said.

“And didn’t I ask you earlier in this deposition if Mr. Davis got blood on your uniform?”

“You did, sir.”

“And didn’t you respond no?”

“Correct. I did.”

Beaird seemed to be either admitting perjury or committing it. The depositions of other officers suggested that the “property damage” charges were not just bizarre, but trumped up.

“There was no blood on my uniform,” said Police Officer Christopher Pillarick.

Just read the article. It’s fucking nuts. Oh, and a magistrate dismissed the perjury as unimportant to the case. Because of course they did. Fucking pricks.

I posted this on Pinterest earlier today. Ain’t this some sh*t?!

Something I’ve been working on.

Once upon a time, I used to sell my art. Then life happened. I’m not prepared to go into details about that yet. But it’s above and beyond your every-day normal.

I”m trying to get back to the part of me that I seemed to have lost without even really realizing it. 

Long story short, what I’m saying is that I’ve entered into a collaborative effort with Fine Art America, I’m not quite sure how their code works with Tumblr, so things might get - will probably - get messy until I figure it out.

here’s a sample of the body of work I”ve been putting together for sale.I welcome any constructive criticism. 

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