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The Secret Formula to Creating a Bestselling Book

Well, certainly nothing is without risk but in working and speaking with thousands of authors, I have found that there are certain things that work every time – and others that don’t. There is a formula for success, and though varying degrees of it may be modified to better serve your audience and genre, most of the things that propel books to success are the same across the board.
In July, I was honored to speak at Romance Writers of America and you know, of all the genres out there romance (especially contemporary) is possibly the toughest one.
Why? Because it’s so cluttered.
During that event most of the speakers and attendees buzzed about a list of items I’ll share with you below. But these aren’t just exclusive to the romance market, they can be applied anywhere.
The fact is, there are certain things that work very well in book promotion and creating a bestselling book. So well in fact that they can help push book sales in a way that might surprise you. Let’s have a look:

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I Thought I Was Mad When I Saw How Many Abortion Clinics They Have. Then I Saw The Gun Dealers. (via Upworthy)

In Septemeber 2014, Missouri lawmakers decided women must wait 72 hours to “reflect on their decision” before they can get an abortion. ‘Cause, ya know, an abortion is one of those spur-of-the-moment decisions like ordering pay-per-view or having another glass of wine. And what about cases of rape, incest, or medical complications? Well, they have to wait 72 hours too.

On its own, this is pretty upsetting. But when you consider how easy it is to get one of those shiny metal things used to take people’s lives? That’s when the blinding rage sets in.

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Tony's Quote: Inside Scandal's Shocking New Season









Tony’s Quote: 

"Olivia getting on a plane with Jake was like, ‘Just put a bullet in my head already!’" Goldwyn says with a laugh. "It was a great story move from Shonda, but personally, I don’t respect Olivia’s decision. She ran away again, and he’d just lost his son!”

The bold is all she’s ever done. She needs to stop “starting over” and start detangling her life. 

Love that he actually said that, because I don’t care how much she needed to find herself, that was a completely bullshit move. 

Stop the track. Let me state facts. 

Really, corinnestark? A bullshit move from whose perspective and needs? Tony’s point is valid, and of course coming from Fitz’s perspective. Olivia’s point is valid to HER because she thought that’s what she needed to do (I’m not including the Jake part in there). Clearly it’s an extremely problematic way of dealing with one’s problems but I understand the impulse to make a selfish decision under duress. If she’s not taking care of herself, then who is going to do that? Olivia takes care of everyone else. She can’t please everyone all the time AND take care of herself . The fact that her decision was badly timed for Fitz’s needs is clearly the bone of contention. But again, Olivia doesn’t exist for Fitz:

Olivia: "I have to take care of myself. Protect my people. I can’t spend all my time worrying about you. This whole House worries about you—what you want, what you need. It has to be about what I want, what I need."  (We Do Not Touch the First Ladies (312))

Fitz nodded his head, said “I know” repeatedly while Olivia stated the above. But tell me a time after that episode where he was able to help facilitate her need to take care of herself, or worry about her? When? Was it when she was embroiled in his personal family drama and ended up getting yelled at? Was it when he asked her to take care of the Andrew and Mellie situation? Was it when she was running around trying to keep him safe from a bomb? Was it during any point that her parents tried to ruin her life for the sake of their own needs? They were both under a lot of stress in the second half of the season for obvious reasons, but for the most part Olivia was helping Fitz deal with all his shit and not the other way around.

The way the accumulation of stress and trauma work in some cases is that people have a breaking point that they reach. We saw Fitz’s breaking point when he crumbled to his knees on the Presidential seal. Olivia’s breaking point was vacating. It’s learned behavior for her, not lazy writing (not in this instance I don’t think). And I accept that this is frustrating as fuck to watch. She has a 22 year pattern instilled in her, facilitated by her own father after her mother’s ‘death’. She has to really consciously try to change that pattern about herself because running from your obviously doesn’t make them go away, but it might make you feel better for a little while. 

Now you know I love Fitz. But here is the inconvenient truth: when Fitz is hurt, his own emotions and needs come first. Please see Defiance reveal and most of the back 9 of season 2 for reference. The thing is, as I have explained back then, I COMPLETELY GET THAT. Him being in mourning and needing support (side note, he has support from his Mellie, remaining kids and the whole House) specifically from Olivia is selfish in the same way that Olivia is being selfish by getting the fuck outta dodge for her own sanity. These decisions have consequences on relationships (including friendships and professional alliances). The person who I think Olivia owes it to the most is actually Abby. She had Olivia’s back 100% last season, including recognizing the emotional toll of the whole Remington thing and her not dead mother took from her (even if Olivia tried to keep it G). 

As for Olitz, given that they worked on some of their communication issues in S3, I’m really curious to see how they deal with this tension caused by Olivia’s absconding.

I 1000% hate you spectaclesinscript for your 100% correct tag…and this gif that I’m stealing. 

katrinapavela: you sure do no how to, psychologically, philosophically, grammatically, state multiple pivotal significant  points… are you a psychiatrist, or therapist? You clearly know people and the intricate nuances of their interactions.  

Oh and…I’ll just borrow this for a moment too…..

@bloglinab, nope. I’m an anthropologist who reads promiscuously. I’ve always been interested in the human experience. 

this was seriously on point.







R.I.P Shaniya Davis ♥ God’s Little Angel
Shaniya Davis was a 5 year old little girl filled with happiness & joy, Her father had full custody of her due to the fact that her mother was living an unsafe lifestyle unable to raise her daughter. The little girl’s mother named Antoinette Davis suddenly appeared & asked the father is she can keep her, how her life was changed she had a job & a place to stay. The father of course not thinking nothing of it agreed Worst mistake of his life.. The mother sold little Shaniya Davis to her boyfriend in order to pay her drug debit Her boyfriend took the little girl raped her & killed her mean while the mother filed a false police report claiming her daughter was missing…. This was the end of the precious angel.. her body was found nearly a week later with signs of rape & strangulation smh to top it all off the mother who was responsible for this horror was PREGNANT again at the time yes, these are the people we live around, MONSTERS!

 Please reblog if you care.

The baby that inspired J. Cole’s 'See World'.

Weeps. RIP little girl

Ugh I remember this. This happened in my area. So senseless

Did any justice ever come?

The boyfriend either got life in prison of the death penalty. The mom cut a deal and got around 20 years I think. I’m not sure what happened to the baby.

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